New gadgets to buy

Despite my stash clearing exercise having unearthed some treasures I can’t wait to use, it hasn’t quite cured me of my urge to buy new craft gadegts. The new ones I am after are by Clover. First the clover yo-yo maker, this allows you to make little discs with fabric, also called suffolk puffs. There is a good tutorial on how to use the tools to make the yo-yo’s on Lazy Girls Designs blog. I now have to decide what size yo-yo maker to get as well as whether I get a circle shape or flower shape (or both!).

As well as Yoyo’s, Clover have also started selling a tool for puff quilting, which is new to me. Apparently you ake 3-D puffs to make a quilt, however the tools let you make a few different shapes, so again tempted to get one of these as well. It has even tempted me into quilting, which I never thought would happen.

If I buy these tools though I am going to have to buy the fabric that goes with them. I also think that sewing machine is finally making it onto the birthday list this year. I need quite a basic one as me and sewing machines don’t generally get on too well. Also needs to be light and little so can hide it from prying hands. Any recommendations?

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